Principal Dentist

Dr. Draper is the owner, founder and
Senior Associate of Mason Valley Family Dental.

Dr. Draper shares the high desert heritage of clinical expertise
with the medical / dental professionals of NW Nevada.

He is especially known for his knowledge of advanced dental treatments
and procedures, most of which are delivered in pursuit
of the Best Smile Possible from modern dental techniques and materials.

A graduate of Northwestern University School of Dentistry,
Dr. Draper has long been known and respected in the Mason Valley
and surrounding communities for his gentle touch and reassuring manner.

If you ever wish to share a comment, concern or compliment privately with
Dr. Draper...he invites you to email him at his private address:

Steven M. Draper, DDS
Family and
Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Draper
Dr. Draper
New Patients Welcome